Thursday, November 14, 2013

Here, after a considerable absence, is an update on what I've been doing. I took an extended break from quilting over the summer to take a trip to the Yukon and Alaska, (I know, that doesn't account for the period from my last post to this one), and, the only explanation I can give is that it seems I either have time to quilt or time to blog about it, not both. One of the things I have been playing around with is T-shirt quilts. It's popularly believed that it's necessary to fuse some form of stabilizer to t-shirt knits to make them manageable, and sashing is required for the same reason. I was looking around the 'net for ideas and came across a site "Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts". Andrea Funk has made hundreds of quilts using a unique method,which uses neither stabilizer nor sashing, and has written an ebook that's available to purchase. I did so and couldn't wait to try it out, and the attached photo shows the result. It is challenging to work with the knit fabrics, but I like the result. It does take more shirts using this technique, but a definite plus is the ability to use different sized motifs to advantage, rather than, say, put a 4" picture into a 12" square block because all the blocks are that size. The sashing method allows a few blocks to look like more, if the number is not enough to make a usable sized quilt.

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