Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's been almost a month since I created this blog (that's not quite accurate, my friend Brandy helped me start it, I'd still be trying if I'd had to do it myself) and all the while I've been thinking how out of character it is for me to "toot my own horn". But here goes. For starters when I bought the machine, a 2006 APQS Millenium with Compuquilter, I had to move it from it's home to mine. The fellas disassembled it and loaded the parts on an open flat trailer. After reassembling it at my place I discovered some very dirty spots on the canvas leaders so I thought I could spot clean with a spray cleaner. WRONG!! As I watched the spots I sprayed shrunk and shriveled-lots!! So I pulled the leaders off and threw them in the wash, thinking I'd get them clean and re-attach them. Well, they shrunk a total of 15 inches over the 12 feet of canvas. There was nothing I could do but go and buy some canvas and make new ones! Believe me, I preshrunk that canvas in hot wash and hot dryer before remounting on the machine. Before I remounted them,I installed zippers on the edges so I can zip off one quilt and do another for whatever reason. This has saved my bacon on several occasions. I also made a "mini leader" with a zipper set sewn on and mounted it to the ceiling in my studio so I could hang quilts to photograph them, or to stand back and see the overall effect (and I have to admit, admire my work) I made it so I can zip the quilt either front out or back out. I do lots of quilts with minky backs and I like to get a pic of the back as well as the front. Often it's hard to decide which is more beautiful.
Here is photos of my latest project. This quilt is for my friend's granddaughter. I now have a king sized quilt on and with permission from the owner, I'll post a photo.

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  1. Yay, awesome post Eileen! The zipper leads are a fantastic idea. I've mentioned that to Helen (mom-in-law) who just purchased her first long arm so she can give it a try. Now that you've got the hang of blogging, you'll be posting weekly in no time! Can't wait to see more.