Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's been two weeks!

I aim to post something weekly, but I've been quilting every day and I'm on the program committees of two guilds and time has just slipped away. Here are photos of two of the quilts I completed in the last few days. It's a layout called "Sidelights". I've done several of these, most with different themes. The hockey themed quilt is one of several I've done. Poppins Quilt Parlour in Penticton assembled the kits and I quilted one for them with a digital pattern featuring hockey skates, sticks, pucks and helmets. Soon after that quilt went back to the store the kits sold out! The hockey themed quilt is quilted allover with the hockey panto. The Fairies required a custom approach partly because of the dark purple flange surrounding the panel. It would have spoiled the effect if I'd quilted all over so I placed fairies in the outer border, butterflies in the inner mauve and the partial blue border and clouds on the panel. In the smaller blocks I placed a pantograph in just those sections that co-ordinated with the "winged" theme. In my next post, I'll add a photo of a quilt I'm working on that's an original of mine and my granddaughter's. We got together and ice dyed some fabric one day and she said "we should make these into a quilt and give it to Mom for her birthday!" Stay tuned-----

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